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is "DM to book" driving your brand?

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Did you miss today's post on IG? This week, we're talking about establishing your brand so that you can stop booking in the DM. Let me start by saying this— DMs should be a part of the client experience. Here’s what “DM to Book” can look like: + (Obviously) Having “DM to Book” plastered over your feed + profile bio. + Using DMs to replace an email, website, booking system, payment processor, etc. + Making DMs the only form of communication between you and your client throughout the client journey. The problem arises when we're using DMs to replace brand and business tools (like our website, email, booking systems, CRMs, etc.) If you are operating your business mainly on social media, this email was created specifically for you. Here’s how you’re creating stress in your business: + “DM to Book” is turning away a lot of $$$$. Why? By the time your clients are ready to book, they’re not going to wait for you to reply and transact in the DMs. They can easily go on a website and book with someone else in 2 minutes. + You are driving yourself crazy trying to keep up with the millions of DMs. Are you going to keep the same energy when your biz grows?

Here are [3] Ways to Establish Your Brand

A booking form so that leads go directly to your email. A website that automates your booking + incoming $$$ so you don't have to constantly check your DMs. A CRM* (like Dubsado, Honeybook, Wix, etc.) that allows you to collect contracts + invoices with one click. *CRM: Customer Relationship Management System

The best way to use your DMs as a CEO: It's easy! Instead of saying "DM to Book" try this... + "Feel free to DM me your questions!" + "I have ___ spots left for the month. Send me a DM for the link to book." + "If you're ready to ____, send me a DM and let's talk.'" These conversation starters can create conversion and also allow you to step away from the DMs. Do you have questions about this topic? Reply to this email.

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