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It Can’t Break You

I had every reason to quit this business.

I had every reason to give up.

2022 did a number on me like no other. Though I did good financially, I felt like I was just trying keep up while running through fire.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to this business and a lot of heartache and let downs happened that I allowed to define my position in the industry. I hate for people to attempt questioning my integrity when they know, and God knows, that I give my all to every single dime transacted. It hurts deep, and I’m owning that.

I know now that my value is not in man, it’s in ONE MAN, named Jesus. So, while it may hurt, it doesn’t mean I get to quit the gift God gave me.

I'm so glad I didn't let it break me.

What he says I am is what I am. He called me to this industry. I belong here. I’ve impacted lives here. He’s allowed me to work with the most amazing people.

So, the people that did not work out will happen. The opportunities won’t always come through. The speaking engagements may fall. The project may have to end. AND THAT IS OKAY.

If he’s given me the world already, all I really need to do is activate my faith, do the work, and he will do the divine.

Have an amazing Sunday y’all ⚡️🙌🏾


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