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We help CEOs build stress-free brands

through brand strategy, systems, and stellar design, and we do it all under one roof.


I think it's safe to say that I was destined to become an entrepreneur.

I've always been a creative person: I draw, I write, and was even a poet. I was also the kid always trying to figure out how to make money on her own. And my very first business was taking lemons from my mama's kitchen and setting up a lemonade stand.

I learned to design graphics using the OG Windows 98 + Microsoft Publisher, and I started working for my grandmother’s business, Mrs. Tate Fashions, at the age of 14 for $25 a graphic. 

Even after graduating college, design remained a consistent factor in my life so I decided to start my company. In September 2016, MrsJDesigns (a name given by my grandmother) was born.


The beginning days of business were hard. This is why we exist: to help you be a stress-free CEO.

I would charge $50 - 75 per graphic, just to see who would bite. I gained several clients, although the folk weren't trying to pay my fee (*in my Marlo Hampton voice, folk drained me). So I started getting more interested in building a business, and figuring out how I could do it better.

I made my first pivot in business selling full branding, design, coaching, and creative direction packages for the low price of $250 (I know, I was doing the absolute most for pennies.)


Fast forward to 2020, while on maternity leave from my business, I created a waitlist and was surprised to see over 100 people on it, and when I returned, I made over $80K in revenue, with all new pricing and offers.

But this didn't come without a strategized plan, and a full rebrand...

Love a good read? Meet Jeanea, your new Brand Strategist, Systems, Guru & Designer. 


We help service-based entrepreneurs build scalable, stand-out, and stress-free brands.

What MJD + Co. Stands On


Be true to who you are.  Building the best business requires showing up as your most authentic self.


We empower our CEOs to creatively express themselves however they see fit. It's your dream, we're just here to bring it to life.


In order to love what you're building, you have to be passionate about it. That's the secret.


Clients first. Always. We value building genuine relationships with our clients.

I built my business from the ground up, and it wasn't a bed of roses (some days, I was laying in straight sticker bushes!) Those lessons helped me build the triple threat that has changed lives.

Our goal is to meet each of you exactly where you are. That's right—no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey,  we have an offer that will get you results so that you have a method for creating a stress-free culture within your brand.

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"MJD has an excellent process for helping their clients map out how they define their brand and share their brand online. We now can explore, iterate and refine the inputs used to create our digital branding items and website."

Simone of Velvet Canary Advisors

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