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Strategy, Systems, and Stellar Design
under ONE roof.

(Forget hiring a million service providers!)

As an agency, we've worked with:

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are lawyers, coaches, consultants, stylists, beauty experts, chefs, six-figure service providers, seven-figure speakers, creatives, and nonprofit CEOs.

...And after several years working with our clients, we know:

You want to stand out, and you don't want to work with a million people to do it—it's annoying.

You need a plan to move clearly and confidently on your business goals.

You want to charge your worth and not be overwhelmed in the process.

You need to trust that your investment is worth it, and that it yields results.


Over 75+ brands launched,
and we're just getting started.

And you're up next. Let's get started!

So, what's the secret?

It's simple! We use our signature framework—The Stand-Out Method.

Yep—this is the only way to become a stress-free CEO, with the strategy, systems, and stellar design to operate your brand stress-free, and with ease!




Everything begins with a plan! Here it's all about strategizing and providing direction for your brand—using our 360° approach to survey the whole brand.



We'll structure everything into the visual assets that'll be navigated by potential customers (i.e. the website, social assets, marketing collateral, and more).


Stand Out

With a brand founded on strategy, systems, and stellar design, we'll show you how to maintain it. Here we'll train you to do just that.



This accounts for establishing the brand's stellar identity and also providing any creative direction to get the imagery and motion we need.



We can't leave the backend hanging! Based on Step 1, it's now time to implement and build new systems for a seamless client experience.



You now have the option to hire us on retainer where we'll provide 20 hours/month of strategy, systems, and design support.


"After hiring someone to make a plain website that I wasn’t satisfied with, I really didn’t have anything else to lose if I wanted to grow my audience and for my business to flourish. I had no idea what I wanted in a website, and Jeanea was there to help me envision and bring everything together and prepare for my launch."

Ciara of Capital C Consulting

The Stand Out Method



Brand Strategy / Direction / Systems Analysis
+ The Foundation
+ The Essentials
+ The Brag Bank
+ The Clients
+ The Service Method
+ The Steps + Systems
+ The Direction


Brand Identity
+ Logo Suite
+ Color Codes + Psychology
+ Typography
+ Mood Board
+ Brand Guidelines

Website [Only]

Only need a website? We got you! Just need to provide MJD + Co. your completed brand assets before the project begins.

Website Design
Up to 7 Pages on Wix
Copywriting for Website

Wix Website Training


Brand Strategy / Direction / Systems Analysis

Brand Identity

Website Design

Up to 7 Pages on Wix
Copywriting for Website

Wix Website Training


Brand Strategy / Direction / Systems Analysis

Brand Identity

Website Design

Up to 7 Pages on Wix
Additional Plug-In Integrations
Copywriting for Website

Wix Website Training

Brand Assets (Select 3)

+ Social Templates (up to 6)
+ Social Covers (Up to 3)
+ Service Guide
+ Business Card

Systems Design + Integration
Up to 4 Hours

Ongoing Support

For Exclusive Package Holders Only

Quarterly Design Retainer
+ Weekly Call
20 Hours/Month


We're glad you're ready to work with us! If you're ready to secure your project start date, hit the button below to book a consultation.

Download Our
2023 Service Guide

Want to experience the brand a lil' bit more? Go ahead and download our 2023 Service Guide, where we walk you through the process, and provide pricing + flexible payment options, and even more details.

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