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Client increased revenue by 7x

Today, I'm sharing a tool to help you charge a premium rate. Get your pen and paper out because this is a crucial resource that requires action.

Three clients shared some news with me within the last week that excited me!

The first two clients shared that their hourly rate is now $150/hr.

And the other client shared that because of branding and web design, she's increased her revenue by 7X.

A message from a client that reads "BTW, just so you know, I made 7X what I made last year this year. I'm so grateful that I invested in my business and you."

But here's the thing...

While I was excited about this, I wasn't shocked. These clients have all been in business for under two years.

These clients invested in brand strategy. They dug deep to understand the client experience they want for their business in a way that sets them apart. They figured out ways to create impact and know their true transformation.

Yes, you can download the freebies. Yes, you can buy inexpensive courses. While those things will provide clarity, they won't solve your actual program if you know you need to invest in Brand and Web Design.

When done correctly, brand and web design will attract clients that understand your value because you've invested in understanding what they need from you + creating a visual brand identity that attracts them.


How to Price for Maximum Profit
As a Service-Based CEO

Stage 1

What can you offer as a free resource for your audience? Having an offer at this level will get your prospective clients interested and easily communicate your expertise. A stage 1 offer can be your free social media content, downloadable, or even a free webinar.

Stage 2

What can you offer as a low-cost offer to your clients? A service/offer at this level allows them to "Date" your brand. This service/product is something that they can do by themselves but still get results. A stage 2 offer can be an e-book, a workshop, or a low-cost course.

Stage 3

Your signature offer will solve the problem for your clients and act as a "Done With You" service. At this level, your clients will work with you (1:1 or in a group setting) to receive support. A stage 3 offer could include a strategy session, a membership, or a mid-cost 1:1 service.

Stage 4

What's the premium offer that lets out all of the stops? This service is your "Done For You" service. Your stage 4 service is your higher-priced offer that solves the problem 🙌🏾

If this blog post resonated with you and you need additional support, book a free call.

Super excited to continue implementing with you all, and I look forward to seeing your brand glow up this year.

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