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Attracting quality leads and clients

A brand designer working with a client at a coffee shop

Did you miss this week's post on IG? This week, we're talking about your responsibility in attracting quality clients.

Let me start by saying: Whether a client is paying a 5-figure or a 3-figure price, you still can attract some hell clients... And yes, I said hell. It doesn't matter what the price tag is. Brace yourself — here's the next punch.

Most of the time, your getting those clients is YOUR fault. As the service provider, and the one doing the work, it's up to you to do your due diligence.

As small business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, [whatever, etc.] we get so hyper-focused on the sale that we forget that these are actual people we have to work with for an extended period.

Just as much as the clients are doing the work to ensure you're a good fit, you should be doing the same. So, here's a guide to attracting quality clients.

1. Be crystal clear.

I've found that clients aren't doing their part because we [likely] could have provided more clarity BEFORE they signed the contract. Make sure they know exactly what they're getting into.

2. Talk about your process.

Your ideal clients want to know beforehand what to expect in your experience. How can you let your clients in before they sign on the dotted line? What's it like behind the scenes?

3. Be available.

If you charge 4 to 5 figures for a service or program, make space for prospective clients to ask questions and get to know your brand. Nothing is scarier than not knowing where your investment is going.

4. Don't neglect the onboarding experience.

If you give a lot of love to the onboarding process of your brand, you'll find that your clients will perform better during the project and so will you. High-ticket clients don't want to jump through hoops (I learned it the hard way!)

Are you gonna incorporate these tips into your strategy? Reply and let me know.

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