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Are you missing Business essentials?

It's a new year, and things have certainly changed in my business and I’m sure it may be the same for you. As a company, we’ve always focused on strategy. We love ensuring that our clients are prepared in the back end as much as they are in the front end. Let's talk about business essentials.

A tweet that says, "Why are you so focused on scaling if you're missing the foundation? What's the foundation: ➡️ Business Plan ➡️ Brand Strategy ➡️ Consistent Visual Brand Identity ➡️ SOPs & KPIs ➡️ Marketing Strategy ➡️ Conversion-Driven Website ➡️ Consistent Clients"

Last week I tweeted this —

This tweet really encompasses many of our core services, and y'all saved this post a lot. We work with our clients to clarify their vision, build their signature framework, and create a consistent brand identity, and a conversion-driven website. This has been a staple in everything that we do.

So, (because y’all are the MJD crew) I want to explain what each of these means in your business.

➡️ Business Plan

Your business plan is the baseline for everything that you do! There’s no way you’re moving without one in your business. Your business plan will outline what you do— The who, what, why, how, where, and when.

💡 Things to Think About: Mission, Vision, Values, and Company Beliefs.

➡️ Brand Strategy + Identity

Your brand strategy lays out how you create awareness and build your expertise in your industry. As a team, I love to use my background in psychology to bring forth the identity of your ideal clients that ensures that they understand and connect with your brand.

💡 Things to Think About: Ideal Client Profile, Brand Promise, Brand Personality, Brand Voice, and Keywords. Have you ever gone to a company’s social media or website and noticed that their fonts and colors are all over the place, and everything is confusing? Your visual brand guidelines will ensure you stay on track with your strategized brand identity.

➡️ SOPs + KPIs

These are uber important and have to do with how you run your business. Having a Standard Operating Procedure will ensure that you're maximizing your time, and know how you run every single process in your business. With your SOPs, you're mapping your process out in detail and ensuring you're prepared for scaling. KPIs are your Key Performance Indicators. Whether you're bringing on a team or your launching a new product, understanding and tracking your performance ensures you're getting results.

➡️ Marketing Strategy + Website

Your marketing strategy is the outline that breaks down how you reach your ideal clients and consumers. You'll want to know where they are, how you're positioned in the industry, and how you will show up in the online space + your local community. Your website is one of the key elements of marketing your brand. More than anything, your website must showcase you as your industry's only option. Click here to view my portfolio to see how my clients show up.

➡️ Bonus: Trademark Your Name!

Have you already named your business and registered it with the state? I recommend working with a trademark lawyer to trademark your name so you legally own it! In 2022, I trademarked my name. If you haven't done this yet, I'd do it.

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