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[4] things that make a cohesive brand

t's the top of the year, and some of us are creating goals and making a list of investments for the year, while others are trying to figure out what the heck to do with their brand identity.

But if I'm honest with you guys...

Creating a brand identity can be challenging because are so many things you have to consider:

- Who you are as a CEO

- What attracts your ideal clients

- The type of identity you envision

- The mission of your brand

But at the end of the day, keep this in mind: Though your ideal clients must be attracted to it, you can't market something you aren't connected to or attracted to.

Soooo... here are [4] things that make up a cohesive brand.

01 // Brand Strategy

Now, you may be thinking: "Why didn't she start with visuals?" Well, when you don't have a clear strategy, your visual identity will be all over the place. Start with getting down to the nitty-gritty. Things to Consider: - The Foundation - The Mission + Vision - Your Process - Your Workflow - Your Experience

2 // Visual Brand Identity

After you have a brand strategy, you can create a consistent visual identity. What does that look like? Create a plan for the visuals, and don't deviate from it. Oftentimes, we'll get a brand identity, get bored, and want to deviate. Creating brand awareness is about consistency. Things to Consider: - Color Codes - Typography - Fonts - Timeless Logo - Mood/Vibe - Photos/Videos

3 // Consistent Messaging

Have you ever talked to a salesperson without a clue about the product you asked about? That's what it feels like when your perspective clients encounter your brand, and you're all over the place selling any and everything that doesn't even go together. Here are some things you can do: - Be clear about what you do - Be clear about your transformation - Speak to your clients' needs

4 // Consistent Presence

It's important to have a presence! Whether you're online or operating a local brick-and-mortar. Cohesion is impossible if your ideal clients cannot easily connect with your brand. Here's what this can look like: - A website for your brand - A consistent social media presence - Connect with your people

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