I know why you're here.

You're tired of trying to do it all on your own, and you know you have the expertise needed to build your company! What you're missing is an expert on your team who can give you a concrete strategy for elevating your branding and offers. It's time to give them something new!

But, honestly... I know the struggle.


You're here because you need a brand that stands out, attracts, and converts your target audience to high-ticket clients so that you can match your branding with scalability!

Okay,  let's be real.

Let's build a brand that stands out with the framework to match!

The Offer

Clarity, development, strategy, and a stand-out design all in one place! It's time to get rid of the old unorganized "figure it out as you go" mentality. It's time to relieve yourself of the constant hustle of doing it all. I'm about to equip you with the secret to working smarter, not harder.

The Result

With my signature method, you'll have all of the tools your brand needs to stand out in your crowded industry. Your brand will have exactly what it needs to pivot your audience from a lead to a high-ticket client. Your stand-out brand will convert your marketing plan exactly how you've been envisioning it all along!

Ready to build a brand that
scales with ease?

The Stand Out Method


You'll walk away with a complete brand to accelerate the growth of your brand, and organize your signature method. We'll strategize every little detail that entrepreneurs typically miss when they start!

You'll have a strategized website that is tailored to your audience. No longer thrown together, your brand will have every piece of the puzzle it needs. Your website will do its job of converting your audience.

As a MrsJDesigns client, you don't have to know it all or do it alone. We're here to provide the support you need in the process of turning your business into a brand. You don't have to DIY blindly anymore.

Our Solutions


Biz + Brand Coaching

We partner with solopreneurs and teams to build profitable business plans and brand strategies that attract and convert their ideal clients. We assist with putting the pieces of your puzzle together so that you're no longer guessing the next steps in your business.

Brand  Identity

Are you interested in developing the visual identity of your business? Tired of struggling with confusing brand aesthetics that your ideal clients don't resonate with? Get the full experience and build the strategy and design you need to stand out in your industry.

Website Design

Are you running your business without the essentials of an online home? Is your website all over the place, hard to manage, and not converting your ideal clients or visitors? Work with us to show up online with a website that positions your company as the only option.

Copy of EPHO8993-2.jpg


"Jeanea delivered a stunning website that represented my company and brand beautifully. Our website being stable and up and running during our launch celebration enabled Champagne Affairs to successfully log over 15+ net new website subscribers, track 5 new client inquiries, all resulting in us booking our 1st official client - ALL within the first week of our launch date!"



"After hiring someone to make a plain website that I wasn’t satisfied with, I really didn’t have anything else to lose if I wanted to grow my audience and for my business to flourish. I had no idea what I wanted in a website and Jeanea was there to help me envision and bring everything together and prepare for my launch."



"This has been an eye-opener to the level of detail that goes into creating a website -the creativity, the ability to listen and design what the customer really desires and then see it come into fruition. This has been an 'Over the Top Experience!!!' Thank you for leading us through this journey, it has been a pleasure!!"

Dayo Headshot.jpeg


"It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team!! It’s not an easy task to refresh an existing business with the need for a seamless transition. But you all did just that!!"

And of course, you have to hear it from our clients.



It's time to stand out!

are you ready...




for designers


Designer VIP Day

Jeanea has been a designer since she was 14 years old, working for her grandmother's company, Mrs. Tate's Fashions for $25 graphics. MrsJDesigns Brand and Web Company have scaled to serving our clients and their companies, and expanded our team, and we want to share the knowledge we've learned throughout our years in the industry.

The Designer VIP Day is for designers who want to strategize and organize their processes and create high-ticket offers.


What the Designer VIP Day covers:

Brand Foundation + Brand Essentials 

Behind the Scenes of MJD Co. Operations
Framework Building + Systems Recommendations
Services & Offers
Psychological Price Structuring
Beta Marketing Strategy

We appreciate your interest in working with MrsJDesigns Brand & Web Company for your upcoming VIP Day, and we're so excited to work with you.